Zap It Off is a subsidiary of Laurimar Medical Centre which opened in July 2010 and is run by Dr Patel and Dr Bhat. Zap It Off and its staff of professionally trained therapists provide specialist laser skin treatments, including hair removal and tattoo removal to patrons who require it.

Our methods are safe and are proven to show exceptional results across all skin types. For some, unsightly hair can really make us feel uncomfortable, while others may simply be regretting that first tattoo that looked great at the time, but no longer gives the impression you desire. At the end of the day, we all want to look and feel our best. We can help you achieve that.

We provide our customers with more than just hair and tattoo removal. We provide people with education on how safe and effective tattoo or hair removal is achieved in a friendly, non-confronting manner, with the help of the latest in laser technology.

At Zap It Off, all laser hair removal is done using the latest in High Speed LightSheer DUET laser technology. Its spot size is much larger than others on the market, and is not a form of IPL (Intense Pulse Light).

Our tattoo removal process is conducted using Q-Switched lasers found in RevLite technology. Penetrating the skin to target the tattoo ink, this is the most effective and low risk tattoo removal process on the market today.