Sex Toys

When people think about adult toys what do they typically think of? The answer may surprise you but this article will focus on the top three sex toys out there on the market.


Vibrators are by far the most popular sex toy out there and used by both women and couples alike. Vibrators are a great source of foreplay and provide couples with the ability to explore and pleasure one another. Three are many different shapes and sizes for vibrators that are popular but none so much as the rabbit which has special sensors to pleasure the clitoris.


Dildos are also popular with single women and couples, but also appeal to homosexual men as well as those who are just seeking out new sensations and pushing their limits. Dildos from sex toys at JOUJOU also come in different shapes and sizes and even with some new features that appeal to some including glow in the dark options and varying shapes and sizes.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs were once considered a fringe item but have now gained in popularity and provide people with the ability to explore or to experience some of the more extreme sexual feelings, in a safe manner. Butt plugs are popular with people of all ages but is particularly popular with homosexual men and innovative couples.

There are many sex toys out there that people choose from but the three aforementioned items are three of the most popular on the market today and can fit a variety of people’s sexual desires.